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Product Sourcing, Specification + Procurement

Over the course of 15 years of interior design and product design development practice, Shelley Starr Design, Inc. has developed procedures for the sourcing, specification, procurement, expediting and tracking of luxury interior product for maximized efficiency.

Shelley Starr understands that the fabrication of luxury interior product lies in the design details of the specification. Through the successful procurement and installation of the designs, Shelley Starr has distinguished herself as expert in the industry, as she knows how materials come together to realize luxury interior products.

Shelley Starr studies and evaluates the suitability of products for specific applications, the appropriate measures and treatments required to enhance durability and the special care required for maintenance, all in an effort to lengthen the life of the installation. She then prepares product specifications accordingly. This know-how and attention to detail is recorded in the specification documents that communicate her design intent to the fabricators.

Relationships are the foundation of Shelley Starrs superior interior design business as literally hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and fabricators are required for the successful installation of each project. Strong relationships and clear communication are core values of Shelley Starr Design, Inc.; professional practice which allows the firms design acumen to flourish. Shelley Starr and her team work directly with fabricators worldwide to specify the luxury products that meet her exacting standards through thoughtful, concise and comprehensive Specification Documents.

The strength of these relationships is manifested in the quality products that Shelley Starr specifies and supplies. This process involves sample review, quality control and progress status workroom visits as well as value engineering to ensure the timely and efficient installation of every project.

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